The Processes to Adopt While Recruiting Commission Only Sales Reps

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There are a few ABC’s that should be factored in while recruiting commission sales reps.

Let’s demystify the process to make the journey a whole lot easier for new time firms to get their concepts in order. The first step is to place an advertisement on a job portal that has a great deal of credibility and check the responses on a daily basis. This of course is a trial and error method, because while applicants put up their profiles or respond to ads across portals, the best one may be out somewhere. So it pays to keep on at it.

The next step to find suitable commission only sales reps is to highlight the fact that the job is primarily based on contracts and on a case-to-case basis. It makes sense as well to have an applicant tracking system software loaded on the computer to gauge which profile meets the cut. Software professionals write varied programs with the end user in mind. It pays in the long run to invest in a program that can reduce the work load and find suitable commission only sales reps.

Another major step in sourcing out commission only sales reps is the process of screening. Many a time companies do not follow this basic practice and end up annoyed at the person(s) contracted. Cross checking references is something that firms should adopt not only with full time staff but outsourced professionals as well. There are times when commission only sales reps are so capable that the interviewer just goes ahead and gets the agreement in place. Pretty similar to the ‘marry in haste repent at leisure’ adage! It is mandatory to go slow, even though the requirement is urgent, and figure out who suits the position the best.

There is another angle – make use of a recruitment firm by debriefing them about the role of the commission only sales reps. Of course this entails that the firm has to pay a percentage either as a one-time payment or on a monthly basis, depending on the contract. The major advantage is because a recruiter will ensure that (s)he will go the mile in ensuring that the job gets done. The agency puts up the resume, after short listing the candidates. They are then considered by the firm and the best person is allotted for the job. If the individual does not pan out, the recruitment agency can send in a replacement.