The 100% Commission Sales Driving Force to Make the Pitch and Sell

100% commission sales jobs are aplenty today. We can attribute it to the fact that the recession and economic trends are riding a crazy wave. The ups and downs of the share ladder have reached a feverish pitch where manufacturing companies are playing spoilsport with regards to recruiting full time employees. This definitely opens up the option to get into the 100% commission sales freelance bracket where one can bring in revenues higher than a base salary. Of course one does not enjoy the prerequisites that full time staff enjoys, but at the end of the day, if you are bringing in something and the profit margin is high, what can get better than this, eh?

There are various ways where a professional can find 100% commission sales jobs on the internet. Job portals entice people from this space with a pay by hour concept – that is of course if the person actually delivers i.e. sells the product/service within the stipulated time. Everyone is looking at working at something these days, and while this concept may seem interesting, it is not up everybody’s alley. Because while it can appear profitable, the 100% commission sales agent has to ensure that he or she has every aspect down to the tee.

Manufacturing industries have a fixed retinue of 100% commission sales agents as these professionals have delivered what they had set out to do. For a newcomer on the scene, it can get relatively tricky for the employer who cannot offer such a high percentage. They whet the individuals and once they deliver, then the freelancer can be offered to the best seller for the week/month/quarter/year. It can take a considerable amount of time for the professional to reach his or her goal. Giving up just because a couple of retail outlets or distributers declined does not mean that one must accept defeat.

100% commission sales agent are not only assigned to product driven industries. They also work with real estate firms, service oriented enterprises, and concept based industries, and individual players as well. The bottom line for a freelancer, is to make sure that he or she gives a hundred percent of time and effort to the job. If something does not feel right, and the person does not have the zing to get moving in the sales area, then it is time to either try again or call it quits and move on to another portfolio.