Sales Reps Have to Sweat it Out a Lot Harder in the Present Climate

There are a variety of ways to hire good professionals for a job. However, zeroing on the ideal one who closes deals can be quite a difficult task. In fact, most companies are using the old route of sourcing sales reps and this is through the method of word by word of mouth referrals. This paradigm shift has chartered a course where many of the job portals are upping the game with regards to the scope of services being offered to regular clients. One of the common factors to consider is a reduction in the pricing range which is a carrot and stick approach. But if the end results are justifiable, there is nothing like working up a sweat to get the best sales reps through reliable channels.

How do companies do a reference check on the number of professionals in their employ? Do they factor in these aspects when the budgeting and forecasting is considered during the yearly audits or are they on a case to case basis? Every firm has their own policy no doubt, but what has become quite a factor to consider is that there are more sales reps out of jobs than before. Some are well worth the effort, while others just do not have the gumption to take on volumes of business. Given the market scenario also, it can get pretty difficult for the regular sales reps to up the ante and provide the best moves.

Movers and shakers are certainly not the ones that you find only on the dance floor but also in the corporate world. We have people working like crazy to gain sweat equity in the work place not necessarily for employee stock options, but to just sell the product or service. It can be real troublesome for sales reps who are considered to be magic workers. Since most of them are on an outsourced ‘pay roll’ (read commissioned) it can be relatively difficult with companies trying to fit them in for a long time. Invariably the people who have always delivered end up either having to cut back on the amounts charged or lose their jobs entirely. Many people may opine that sales reps have it easy as they do not have to punch in or out at a particular time. But in the long run, it can get pretty grueling when they are left out in the open to cool their heels.