Independent Sales Representative- Need of the Hour in Sales & Marketing

When there is a new product launched and the company wants immediate revenues, the best possible option is to avail the services of an independent sales representative. In the sales force within the business itself the team will get the job afoot. However, the independent sales representative can muster more revenues in record time. Availing the professional expertise of a seasoned direct marketing professional ensures that there is no initial risk for the manufacturer. The need to provide salary, medical or retirement benefits is not a consideration at all. Commissions may be relatively higher than the in house sales team, but this is way better.

An independent sales representative will do his or her bit in testing the waters by demonstrations and even social media sales pitches. Most of these professionals work for manufacturing outfits, wholesalers or exporters. Sourcing out talent from the domain is not a breeze. It is based on the trial and error practice. Production and delivery pertaining to sales is not a given with every agent. There are some who are able to sell the products within a short span, and others take a while longer. Hence placing representatives at various locations will ensure that sales escalate.

An independent sales representative well versed in the domain has a repeat rate of clients. Most often these individuals work on a networking basis. Given their ability to draw crowds to sell a product, there is no wonder that product driven companies have a regular list of contractual professionals on their outsourced register. Before getting a person on board, it is in the best interests of both parties to have an iron clad agreement in place. Any out of pocket expenses must be factored in by the professional so that there are no surprises at a later stage.

A rookie independent sales representative may add a new element in the game. Is it not advisable to rule them out. On the global footing, it has been noted, that a newcomer can add value to business. The same is the case with older professionals who have been pink slipped or have elected for voluntary retirement. Exclusivity can be considered while signing on a seasoned player. Since these individuals work on their own, they may also work with competitors. Hence it is in the best interest of a company’s profit that exclusivity must be followed. Boundaries must be set as a manufacturer would not like interference. An independent sales representative will invariably know this and does his or her bit in ensuring that nothing like this occurs while taking on a job.