How to write a Job Description for an Independent Sales Representative

 While advertising for a job a company takes into account the years of experience of an individual, role content, salary specs, before putting up the sales representative job description. Setting the bar high while sourcing talent is something that everyone business adheres to. The sales representative job description highlights these factors.


  • Provide a solution and detailed turnaround in achieving targeting sales goals
  • Demonstrate skills and product knowledge
  • Understanding the model pertaining to pricing and proposal methodologies
  • Demonstrate an ability in dealing with company’s representatives as well as customers
  • Ensure that every opportunity is maximized in closing a sale
  • Suggest to prospective clients the benefits of buying the product either individually or in bulk
  • Have a well thought out marketing plan ready to implement
  • Excellent in sourcing and developing a good customer base
  • Ensure that the database is up-to-date
  • Collate information about competitors
  • Maintain an accurate sales record right from the time of signing the agreement
  • Follows company policies and stick to the guidelines laid out by the company

Responsibilities of a Sales Representative Job description

  • Revenue generation and sales leads
  • Work in tandem with the in-house marketing and sales team
  • Lead generation to be followed up on at all times

Qualifications of a Sales Representative Job description

  • A hard core sales driven professional who understands the product being sold
  • Experienced in sourcing out prospective clients

Age is not a constraint for the right candidate because at the end of the day, a direct marketing job is based on the ability to deliver. A person who has years of experience and well on in age can do the job of a youngster. This is pretty evident when it comes to the role and ability of independent sales representatives. Chalking out the rudiments pertaining to the role and ability of an individual is what makes a sales representative job description stand out. With many job boards available at the click of a button on the internet, one must find this opportunity interesting. Of course, the bottom line is people are looking at working. But when there is something that strikes one’s fancy, he or she will apply for the role. We are talking about freelancers here and not full timers. Based on this one must provide some leeway. Sourcing someone who is in his or her twenties looking at working full time, may not work for a long time. But ruling an individual out because of age is not the way to go, especially in this domain. In sum, upping the game with regard to work profile and high commissions can get the show on the road with high profit margins as detailed in a sales representative job description.