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Find Independent Sales Representative Opportunities and grow your lines.

Are you an Independent Sales Representative willing to have more opportunities to maximize your earning potential? If yes, then you are at the right place.

RepEmployment.Com is a TOTALLY FREE website for Independent Sales Representatives. Simply register yourself with us and we will keep you updated with the opportunities and lines posted on our website as per your industry choice. You can choose your product category and be informed about the new lines by subscribing to the alert. (IT IS RECOMMENDED TO COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE ON OUR SITE. THIS SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASES CHANCES OF COMPANIES CONTACTING YOU DIRECTLY BY LOOKING AT YOUR PROFILE).

Why should Independent Sales Representatives register with us? is a website dedicated towards matching requirements of hirers to that of skills and experiences of Independent Sales Representatives.

The site is powered by state of the art search engine running at the back end which delivers highly accurate search results to users.

Our portal is fully dynamic in nature and exploits power of social media sites as well.

Our easy to use website fully integrates with popular job sites such as INDEED.COM & SIMPLYHIRED.COM and jobs listed with them are also featured along with opportunities posted on our site.

Now sales reps no longer need to go from one site to another to search for new lines as they may be found here at one place.

Further, the site architecture has been designed as a job website which makes it easier and simpler for a hirer and Independent Sales Representative to use and navigate smoothly.

All these abilities along with helpful support team makes this one of the best places to find independent sales representative opportunities on the internet.

How should Independent Sales Representative make use of RepEmployment?

It is easy to get in touch with domestic and foreign manufacturers, service providers and exporters through us.

Simply register with us, create profile, provide good details about your industry line and sales skill/experience and you are done.


Independent Sales Representative may also opt for automatic opportunity alerts so as to get automatic updates about new listings posted under desired industry categories and may also explore portal for new jobs and lines posted in specific industries.

Want to further know why we are a good site? Please See our page on-   Why We Are Better Than Others?