Common Complaints that Manufacturers have about their Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives

A manufacturer’s sales representative or independent sales representative is governed by a contract between both parties. It is imperative that all the aspects are ironed out prior to doing the job so that there are no problems at a later stage. There are occasions where manufacturer’s sales representatives just go ahead and sign without thinking about the ramifications. If this is the case, then there are bound to be some hiccups down the line. Signing on a contract and getting a job afoot is not the objective. Delivering is the sum and substance of the direct sales game.

There are many problems that manufacturers face and some of them are cited here.

  • Lack of focus on the job – this is primarily because of over enthusiasm by manufacturer’s sales representatives and lack of focus
  • Creativity is overdone and after the agreement limited sales are delivered
  • A know all – many professionals claim that they ‘get it’ during the training period and refrain from asking questions. Manufacturer’s sales representatives cannot be loose cannons in the long run and bring down sales.
  • Lack of product knowledge especially when there is a new offering can be quite a nuisance from the manufacturer’s perspective.
  • Hand holding is pretty fine initially but when this gets to be too much of a problem there is no difference between a newbie, wannabe or a seasoned professional
  • Constant whining from manufacturer’s sales representatives about travel and transport allowance. If this is mentioned initially with the estimate, ill will may never arise.
  • Order tracking is something that must be followed. But the nefarious folk from the fraternity try to pull the wool over the manufacturer’s eyes. This doesn’t pan out and invariably the professional will be shown the door!
  • Ensuring that updates are provided to the company employing them, manufacturer’s sales representatives must ensure that they do not fall prey to laziness.

Out of the box thinking will always work when it comes to direct marketing or sales. At the end of the day, a sale is a sale. Ensuring that one meets with what is required of him or her is the need of the hour. There are many people who join the trade because they have the ability to sell stuff. But when laziness, greed or over confidence projects itself, there is bound to be some slacking and lack of focus. With this in order, it is imperative that once a contract is signed, manufacturer’s sales representatives and the manufacturer treat it as legally binding.