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Smart People- Medical Sales Reps

Independent medical sales reps must have a firm educational background under their belt to ensure that they actually know what they are selling. There is an increased need for medical sales reps in the global scenario and the competition is

The 100% Commission Sales Driving Force to Make the Pitch and Sell

100% commission sales jobs are aplenty today. We can attribute it to the fact that the recession and economic trends are riding a crazy wave. The ups and downs of the share ladder have reached a feverish pitch where manufacturing

The Commission Only Sales Representatives Agenda While Closing a Deal

Commission only sales representatives are in demand these days as most manufacturing companies feel the need to contract their services. Given the fact that the global economic climate is erratic, there is a need to bring on board, outsource wise

The Role of Apparel Sales Reps in the Retail and Personal Sectors

In the world of export and import that concentrates on fabric there are myriad roles for people to play (read work). The professionals who offer their services are the independent apparel sales reps also considered direct marketing forces that sell

What Constitutes the 1099 Sales Terminology

A 1099 sales contractor is a legal term that is firmed in the United States that refers to an outsourced professional who contracts his or her services to a series of businesses. One cannot confuse contracted professionals as temporary staff

The Role of Commission Only Sales Agents

To get a firm up and running, it is mandatory to factor in every aspect, right from finance and accounting, marketing and sales, human resources, and outsourced expertise. If the business is product driven it makes perfect sense to have

The Processes to Adopt While Recruiting Commission Only Sales Reps

There are a few ABC’s that should be factored in while recruiting commission sales reps. Let’s demystify the process to make the journey a whole lot easier for new time firms to get their concepts in order. The first step

A Good Sales Rep is a Boon in this Environment

Hiring a high powered team with a sales rep in tow can be quite expensive. If you are looking at a far away location it can set you back a whole lot higher. At this point of time, instead of

Sales Reps Have to Sweat it Out a Lot Harder in the Present Climate

There are a variety of ways to hire good professionals for a job. However, zeroing on the ideal one who closes deals can be quite a difficult task. In fact, most companies are using the old route of sourcing sales

Advantages of Using Independent Sales Reps in Business Activities

There are many reasons one can cite while using professional expertise from outsourced vendors. The advantages of using independent sales reps or manufacturer’s representatives as they are commonly called are many fold. The prime one being limited money spends on

Independent Sales Representative Agreement- The Relationship Initiator

An independent sales representative agreement entails that the job is afoot. From the point of view of both parties this works favorably. There are occasions where a newbie in the race may not have any idea about this aspect and

Independent Sales Representative- Need of the Hour in Sales & Marketing

When there is a new product launched and the company wants immediate revenues, the best possible option is to avail the services of an independent sales representative. In the sales force within the business itself the team will get the

Common Complaints that Manufacturers have about their Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives

A manufacturer’s sales representative or independent sales representative is governed by a contract between both parties. It is imperative that all the aspects are ironed out prior to doing the job so that there are no problems at a later

How to write a Job Description for an Independent Sales Representative

 While advertising for a job a company takes into account the years of experience of an individual, role content, salary specs, before putting up the sales representative job description. Setting the bar high while sourcing talent is something that everyone

Who are Independent Sales Representatives?

From the perspective of a manufacturing outfit it makes immense sense outsourcing an independent sales rep.  It works for the company because one does not have to dole out large volumes of salaries on a monthly basis. The fuss about